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When buying a robot, we give you a list of trusted brokers and a lifetime update.

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Our robot

Our robot and the system were developed and have been operating since 2013.

Trading robot

4 trading strategies
at different percentages of profit

Fast quotes

We take them from the servers where the stock exchanges are located: New York (USA), London (England), Hong Kong.

Trusted Brokers

Allow you to withdraw your earnings. Lifetime updates once a month.

What makes it possible
trade in plus in 99%
of cases?

The robot sees for a fraction of a second before the others, where the price would go up or down. It manages to place a bet before the price is gone. Knowing this, you can increase the trading lot by several times. You still will make a profit. Profit up to 100% per day is achieved.

Find out prices earlier than anyone else

Our robot ensures minimum delay

our robot’s delay

a broker’s delay

Quick price quote thanks to a special system

All elements involved in the reception-transmission
data are located in a one data center.

Server of sources for obtaining "quick quotes"

Our robot's server


Your VPS server
with a robot installed

The robot bypasses
any broker protection,
that interferes with trading

Trade even with those brokers who deliberately
slow down automated trading with plugins.

How to bypass?

The robot simulates manual trading

The broker sees that a person is trading manually from a mobile device. You can choose the type of trade:

Mobile IOS and Android
Web platform

A real case from practice

After we changed the order
type to "mobile", transactions stopped .

Video consultation

We understand that there are a lot of things you don't understand right now.
Especially for this, our consultants will conduct a video consultation.

During the consultation you will find out:

due to which the robot trades in plus.

you will ask your questions

Contact us:

New Hope Support
If you have any questions, just let us know

trading strategies

Suitable for different brokers and risk control

Hidden strategy

2 opposite positions are opened at the same time. One deal to buy, the second deal to sell. Bypasses broker restrictions that prohibit high-speed trading.


up 150%

Classic strategy

Opens an order and immediately closes with a profit, the deal lasts less than 1 second


up 300%

Strategy 2Legs

Opens an order and immediately closes with a profit, it lasts less than 1 second


up 150%

Impulse strategy

Opens an order and immediately closes with a profit, it lasts less than 1 second


up 150%

Spot trading setup

Experienced traders will appreciate the point trading setup feature to increase the percentage of successful transactions.

Robot allows
hedging and managing risks

Simultaneous trading on different accounts and terminals.

The program also does not limit traders to one account. You can work with two and use different trading scenarios for each.

A small amount of money is enough to start checking trading

If the robot earns with a lot of 0.01, then it will do the same with a lot of 10.0

Purchase rates


for newbies

$ 3000

Get a consultation


for experienced traders

$ 5000

Get a consultation

How to start trading?

Step 1

Buy a robot by paying by card, bank transfer, via USDT

Step 2

Within 1 hour, a robot and setup instructions will be sent to your email (video instruction and document)

Step 3

Install the robot on a PC, VDS or VPS server, enter trading account data from the Metatrader 4.5 program

Step 4

Choose a strategy, set the settings and the robot starts trading

We guarantee return on investment

We take all beginners for support until the full return of the money invested in the purchase of the robot.

We will install the robot

We will set up the necessary trading settings

We will take control of your trading account

We will follow the transactions until you return the investment

Statistics of clients’
real transactions on

Uploaded client accounts and accounts that we managed

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
NewHope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real
NewHope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real
New Hope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real
New Hope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real
New Hope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real
New Hope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real
New Hope 1.05 39,480.80% 24.41% 800.0 Automated 0,388889 Real

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found an answer to your question?

Ask our support team:

In each case differently, all brokers have different settings, so profits can vary from 100% or more.

It all depends on the chosen strategy, but usually the drawdown is zero. In the HIDDEN strategy, in some reports, you can see a drawdown, but this is not quite correct data, we use this type of trading to bypass the plugin, in fact, the balance always grows up, and the drawdown helps to work on the account for a very long time without blocking. Again, this is not always the case, each case and settings are individual.

Проснувшись однажды утром после беспокойного сна, Грегор Замза обнаружил, что он у себя в постели превратился в страшное насекомое.

We use several sources at once and aggregate them into one. We left Lmax and other partners because they are outdated. At the moment we use bank liquidity in America, England and China.

Ask support for the up-to-date list of instruments, it is always updated, because we are testing new quotes. Perhaps there will be a link to an online document.

We provide clients with a list of trusted brokers where we and our clients successfully earn money with our software. This applies only to our customers.

All updates are free and available inside your software. The program at startup checks its version for relevance on its own.

We can only help with fund management for our clients.

After the purchase, you get full access to the video instructions and files, you will also have a manager that will help you set up the software on your virtual server.

We conduct live broadcasts on YouTube, where you can chat with any of your brokers for a test and we will show live how we work and find settings with you.

Only one time payment.

Yes, you can return the funds, the return conditions are selected for each case individually. After the refund, your software license will be terminated.

You can see real trading reports on the myfxbook website, we also post a fresh file with a list of accounts and accesses once a quarter, where you can personally log into each account and check the software’s performance. Follow YouTube, we constantly post new trading videos.

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